If You Knew My Sister

If You Knew My SisterIf You Knew My Sister by Michelle Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mindblowing, queer and mystifying book. I enjoyed reading it. It was very hard to put it down. Every chapter lured me more and more into the story.

The plot revolts around Harringford family’s big and dark secret. The story starts with the death of Cassandra Harrington, that reunites her family for the last time.

Elle, first born, is a simple rich brat. She gets everything she wants when she wants it and she does not care about consequences. A few times during the book I got a feeling that Elle’s character was a spoiled child, who got stuck in an adult’s body. She has no sense of responsibilities. Life seems to be a simple game to her, and people in it – her marionettes.

Irini, youngest of Harringtons, has been given away by her parents at the age of 3. She always wonders why was she the one “not wanted” and why the family kept her and Elle separated. Although, since her early college years, Irini is the one who runs and hides from Elle. However, deep inside she wants Elle will find her. This makes Irini feel “wanted”.

A phone call in a middle of the night announces that a) Elle finally located Irini, b) their mother has passed away. Manipulated by Elle, Irini is on her way back to Scotland. However, why would she want to attend a funeral of a woman that gave her away? Irini takes this opportunity to find answers to her questions. However, is she ready to handle Harringford family’s big, dark secret?

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