The Rome Affair

The Rome AffairThe Rome Affair by Karen Swan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I first fell in love with Karen Swan’s writing after I read “Christmas at Tiffany’s”. My absolute favorite part about Mrs. Swan’s books is intriguing prologue. It catches my attention from page 1 and I am usually unable to put the book down until I find all the answers to my questions.

This book is about two different women whose paths crossed in the idyllic city – Rome.

Elena Damiani is elegant, rich, beautiful socialite Viscontessa. She lives a glamorous life… well that’s what she wants everyone to believe she does. However glamorous Elena hides a few dark secrets about her life.

Francesca Hackett left her life, family and successful career in London and is living la dolce vita in Rome. She loves the history and working as a city’s tour guide. Cesca’s lives a carefree life… well that’s what she wants everyone to believe she does.

Elena hires Cesca to write a book about her life. However, will Viscontessa tell the truth? Will she unveil all the secrets about her life? And most importantly, what is written in the letter that Elena carries with her at all times and why she hasn’t read it yet?

This is a stunning story a of wealth, dark secrets and love.

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