The Forgotten Room

The forgotten roomThe forgotten room by Ann Troup

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can the past really be forgotten? Not is Ann Troup’s new book “The Forgotten Room”. This is a perfect book with a very intriguing and twisted ending when all dots are being connected at the end and just makes you WOW.

An old quote says – keep your friends close and your enemies closers. But how do you know who is really a friend and who is an enemy? And how far a person can go to get a revenge? Well, welcome to The Essen Grange, the house of horror. Buckle up your seatbelts, you’re in for a wild ride.

Gordon Henderson is a bitter man who has inherited the Grange after a death of his older brother. He marries Jane because it is socially profitable for him. Jane’s sister Estelle moves into the house as well. However life doesn’t always go according to the plan, and it seems like the universe is against Gordon Henderson. His first child is born with a down syndrome. He does not acknowledge his second child. Jane leaves the Grange and never returns. Gordon’s brother’s wife and son show up, threatening to take his inheritance.

Fast forward to present. Bones are found on Grange’s estate. Maura, a nurse, who has been going thru a hard time after the death of her ex-boyfriend, is being offered a job – to look after Dr. Moss’s private patient – Gordon Henderson. Later, she discovers that Dr. Moss has specifically requested Maura to look after Gordon. Is this a coincidence or well thought thru plan? Mr. Henderson’s caretaker Estelle is missing. Dr. Moss is nowhere to be found. Gordon’s bank account is empty and the man is found dead. After Henderson’s death, Maura is looking for a new job. She is given a night shift at a hospital, where she comes upon a patient, Jane Henderson – who has been missing for decades. Detective Poole is on a mission to resolve a case, and he discovers that all his findings always lead him back to an old mansion. Will the detective catch the person on time before they succeed with their revenge?

A perfect book to read for a Halloween season.

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