The Glamorous Dead

The Glamorous DeadThe Glamorous Dead by Suzanne Gates

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The story takes place in 1940 in Hollywood. Penny Harp, an actress wannabe, has found herself in a middle of a murder investigation. Two of her friends have been murdered, and Penny suspects that both deaths are somehow connected. Barbara Stanwyck befriends Penny during the making of one of the movies, and helps her to find the truth. During the investigation, Penny discovers non-glamorous and dark secrets about her friends, her brother and her employer – Paramount. The last secret holds everything together. Penny later discovers that Paramount likes to “fix” any problems that come upon the company or people that work there. Penny questions everything and everyone and is eager to learn the truth, but the truth can cost Penny her life. Will she let Paramount “fix” her or will she end up just like her friends?

I liked the idea of the story, the place and the time when it took place. However, my opinion only, the books is way too long, too many characters and way too many background stories. I had a very hard time focusing on the book and follow the storyline.

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