The Lost Girl of Astor Street

The Lost Girl of Astor StreetThe Lost Girl of Astor Street by Stephanie Morrill

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I want to be like Piper Sail when I grow up! It’s been a few weeks since I read such a great mystery book. It’s fast, engaging, with captivating characters, and new details come to lite with every page. I could not get enough of this book.

A storyline takes place in Chicago, 1924 (I love this time!). Piper’s best friend vanishes from the safest street in town, and police seem to be looking in all wrong places. Impatient Piper takes the investigation into her own hands. Sadly, Lydia’s body is recovered from a river. Family chauffeur, who suddenly disappears, is being blamed for young girl’s death. Police seem to close the case. But Piper can’t give up on her best friend so easily. Detective Sail has made a list of suspects and has made a priority to find the right person responsible for Lydia’s death.

Is it Lydia’s father, Doctor DeVine, who has hidden his daughter’s illness for months and was ready to send Lydia away to the clinic to get well?

Or is it Matthew, family chauffeur, who was sweet on Lydia, and Lydia was over heels in love with a young man?

Or is it next door neighbor, who cheats on his wife with a nanny and has a history of hitting his son?

Or is it one of Chicago’s gangs, the Finnegans, who have some connection to both Piper and Lydia’s fathers… and Matthew?

During her investigation, Piper befriends a young and handsome detective Cassano, who is related to another of Chicago gangs, but claims that he is an honest cop. The two catch feelings for each other and become an adorable sweet couple.

But let’s not forget all other amazing characters: Walter, Piper’s first love and “big brother”, a son of Sail residence cook/housekeeper. Emma and Jeremiah Crane, a brother/sister duo that also came to Detective Sail’s help during her investigation. Nick, Piper’s big brother. And Alana, Nick’s new lady love and an annoying reporter who keeps sniffing around for more scoops about Lydia and Matthew’s story.

With a surprising discovery (and some scratches and broken bones), our little detective concludes her investigation and brings Lydia’s killer to justice.

“I don’t think Chicago’s underbelly has seen the last of Piper Sail.” – I hope this is true. I would love to read more about this fascinating character.Screenshot_20171222-183451

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