Awakened by Love

Awakened by LoveAwakened by Love by Azin Sametipour

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An engaging and entertaining page-turner. I was pleasantly surprised by the story. I love books that capture my attention from the first page.

Zoha Farzam is a nineteen-year-old, muslin, American born into a traditional Iranian family. As a first born Zoha is a role model for her younger sisters and cousins. She is following her family footsteps and is pursuing her pre-med degree at UC Davis. Zoha is modeled student, dedicated to her family and religion. From the outside, she is a perfect Muslim, but on the inside, Zoha is fighting a great war between the Muslim girl her parents raised and a “normal” American girl Zoha wants to be. Is she brave enough to pursue her dream and go against her family and religion?

It starts with a scarf. Without her parent’s permission Zoha removes it during her first year in college. But when she meets Ethan Renard 3 years later – Zoha can’t resist the interest and her feeling towards him. From the start, Zoha knows that Ethan will never be approved by her family. Romance with someone outside of her faith is something Zoha has never expected to experience in her life, will she cross the line and taste the forbidden fruit?

Unpredictable ending of the book. I am hooked on the story and can not wait for the next two books of this trilogy. Wonderful writing, amusing and strong characters, and fascinating storyline.

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