Her Best Friend

Her Best FriendHer Best Friend by Sarah Wray

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A wonderful and thrilling page-turner with an unexpected ending.

A terrible murder of a fifteen-year-old took place in a quiet English town. Two decades later the murder remains unsolved. The journalist, Sam, arrives into the town to shoot a documentary for Victoria’s 20th murder anniversary. Sam is not the only visitor in Conley. Victoria’s best friend Sylvie is back in town to sort some things out with her estranged mother’s will. Since her return, Sylvia is being drowned in the memories of the last summer herself and Victoria spent together. Both girls were inseparable, as their parents have been friends since before the girls were born. However something more then just a friendship is connecting both girls’ parents (bam bam bam)… and Victoria accidentally finds out!

Sylvia is the only person left who know’s what really have happened that dreadful night 20 years ago. She can no longer stay in town as Victoria’s parents, her old school friend Michelle and Sam are overwhelming her. However, right before her departure, Sylvia is being lured into unveiling her secret and… she learns one very significant detail about Victoria’s death.

Exhilarating and engaging plot. I could not put the book down. Dear Sarah Wray – you just got yourself a new fan!Screenshot_20171223-005623_1514008607399

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