Christmas at Conwenna Cove

Christmas at Conwenna Cove (Conwenna Cove, #2)Christmas at Conwenna Cove by Darcie Boleyn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was very happy to come upon this delightful Christmas Book.

An amazing thing happens during this time of the year. Oli’s wife passed away from cancer three years ago, leaving him broken-hearted with two adorable young kids. Oli has thrown himself into work and his kid’s lives, what else young widower can do, right? One day, on his way to a clinic, Oli sees a beautiful redheaded stranger in the coffee shop’s window. However the introduction of the two doesn’t go well, Oli comes off as a grumpy man. Grace was not moved by her first impression of a local veterinarian. But during their second “bump-in” in another cafe, both parties feel the spark. Little do they know that this is a beginning of a beautiful… “friendship”.

Neither Oli nor Grace are looking for anyone special in their lives. Grace’s brother passed away nine years ago from a long time illness and she saw the impact it took on her parents and left her devastated as well. Since then Grace decided to never marry nor have kids on her own. She has a great and sweet relationship with her parents, and when they decided to buy a cottage in Conwenna Cove – Grace supported her parents and helped them move in and settle there. But she never intended to stay in the village, more than that, she never expected to fall in love with Oli and his sweet and kind kids.

Conwenna Cove and Christmas make magic happen in this heartwarming book. Lovely and jolly read. Made me feel happy and warm.

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