A Cosy Candlelit Christmas

A Cosy Candlelit ChristmasA Cosy Candlelit Christmas by Tilly Tennant

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sweet and jolly Christmas read.

Wishes do come true during this wonderful time of the year. Since she was a little girl, Isla had only one wish – reunion with her father, Ian McCoy. When Isla was six years old, her father walked out on her and her mom. Twenty four years later, Isla comes home to a very unexpected surprise – a letter. It informs Isla of an inheritance. However, the will has a very peculiar ultimatum, it requests Isla to go to French resort of St Martin-de-Belleville and have a face-to-face meeting with her estranged father. A trip is fully paid for, and despite her mother’s wishes – Isla is on her way to a French winter wonderland.

Upon her arrival, Isla accidentally bumps into a very handsome, English researcher Sebastian. Sparks are flying between the young people, however, Isla has no time for a romance.

During the family meeting, McCoy family learns about the details listed on Isla’s grandma’s will – in order for both parties to receive an inheritance, Isla and Ian must build a father/daughter relationship. Can Isla put her anger aside and build father/daughter bond with her estranged father? During her stay in a wonderful French town, Isla learns that there are two sides to each story. And she lets Ian tell her his.

A sweet story that contains a family reunion and a Christmas romance.Screenshot_20171223-004354_1514007882440

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