One Christmas in Paris

One Christmas in ParisOne Christmas in Paris by Mandy Baggot

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve been waiting to read this book since I first found it last spring. However, I’ve decided to wait until Christmas time to get lost in its pages. And what a great decision I’ve made. A jolly story that takes place in the city of light and love… Paris.

Ava – successful realtor, who has a past in modeling, accidentally walks on her boyfriend Leo in bed with another woman. And it’s a week before Christmas! Ava’s mother Rhoda is planning a trip to a sunshine Goa. But behind this wonderful trip is Ava’s worse nightmare – her mom books her a modeling gig.

Debs – unemployed, single and ready to mingle entertainment article writer, books a trip to Paris, to get a scoop on Parisian single life. The goal of the trip is to write multiple articles that may help her land a job in a major magazine. However, Debs’ trip to Paris is not fully based on her research… She is on a mission to catch her stepdad, Gary, with his Parisian mistress.

Debs convinces Ava to join her on the trip, and now two single gals are on the way to a city of love. During their first night out, girls become acquaintances with two dashing Parisian men, Julien and Didier. During their short time in Paris, both girls manage to spy on Gary, find his secret, enjoy the delicious French cuisine, do enough research for Debs to write many many articles that help her land a job of her dreams, assist Julien in the organizing of a charity event for Red Cross, make amends with Rhoda, and… fall in love. Phew, I think I’ve covered everything here.

A fantastic rollercoaster of events followed by a delightfully happy ending. This was my first book written by a wonderful Mandy Baggot, and I assure you – it will not be last.20171211_193229_1514007630854

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