Christmas at Butterfly Cove

Christmas at Butterfly Cove (Butterfly Cove, #3)Christmas at Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is my first book from Butterfly Cove series. In this book, the story concentrates more on Nee and Luke.

Luke and Nee got married in a spare moment. On the night of their wedding Nee receives an email from an art school she has applied months before. With a very intense push from a school’s famous artist Devin Rees, Nee leaves her husband in the morning and takes the next flight to NY. However, the life in New York did turn out the way Nee had hoped. Instead of learning from “most lauded artists”, she ended up fixing his work. One night, Nee was invited by Devin into his apartment, drugged and raped. Next morning, she was dismissed from her school. Weeks after an incident, Nee returns back to Butterfly Cove, however, everyone has noticed the change in her, and most importantly – she stops painting. However with a help of her “husband”, sisters and close friends, Nee is on a mission to “find” herself again. And the final step for new Nee is to make amends with her husband. During new years night, Luke and Nee renew their vows and start New Year as Mr.&Mrs. Spencer.

My advice – if you want to read this book, read the first two books of the series first. As I later discovered, there is more to the story of the characters that were presented in this book.Screenshot_20171223-004333_1514007882569

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