The Christmas Secret

The Christmas SecretThe Christmas Secret by Karen Swan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Christmas is not Christmas without Karen Swan’s books. And her new “The Christmas Secret” novel has become one of my favorite books by this wonderful writer.

Alex Hyde – a business coach is hired to “straighten out” CEO of Kentallen Distilleries, Lochlan Farqhuar. Both characters are determined and focused on their goals. That would be a huge benefit if their goals were not different. And lies that Alex was told from the beginning about Lochie didn’t help her built a successful partnership with him. An accidental fire at the distillery doesn’t help Alex’s progress either. However after Alex mistakenly hijacks Lochie’s weekend with his close friends, she learns the reasons behind stubborn CEO’s behavior. During this weekend dangerous sparks are flying between our two headstrong characters.

Time is running out, Christmas is around the corner and Alex must wrap up the deal she was hired to do. Sholto Farqhuar drives Lochlan out of family business using evidence Alex has found in family archives. Lochlan is devastated by her betrayal. The deal is done, she is financially rewarded, however, she is not at peace, Alex is angry that she was tricked by Farqhuar family. All she wants is to fix what she had broke, and when Alex Hyde sets the goal – she achieves it… well and gets her happy ending in the process.

It was an absolute delight to get lost in the pages of this marvelous novel. Karen Swan did it again!IMG_20171216_114109_139_1514007768311

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