Christmas In Paris

Christmas in ParisChristmas in Paris by Anita Hughes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Christmas in Paris is a delightful and jolly Christmas theme novel!

What do you do when you break your engagement days before Christmas? An ambitious Philadelphia finance woman, Isabel Lawson decides to come to the city of light and love. And during her first night at the hotel, she meets her suite neighbor Alec, children’s illustrator, whose gorgeous fiance left him a week before their wedding.

Days go by and hopeless romantic Isabel and heartbroken Alec build a friendship. They explore Paris, attend museums, eat delicious French delicacies and during one of their walks Isabel meets a fortune teller. And funny enough, psychic’s predictions are starting to come true. Isabel escapes death, receives a charming present, and meets a French count. While Isabel is being swept off her feet by handsome count, Alec is struggling to meet his work deadline and stop his evil half-sister from evicting his mother from her late husband’s townhouse.

It’s Christmas time in Paris. And it’s a perfect time to fall in love… Despite all the differences Alec and Isabel find their way to their very own unexpected happy ending.

A heartwarming and fun Christmas novel. A perfect book to cuddle up with during cold winter evenings.

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