From Paris With Love This Christmas

From Paris With Love This ChristmasFrom Paris With Love This Christmas by Jules Wake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was my first book by Jules Wake, however, I did not realize this was a part of the series. therefore this is second out of three books. And after reading this great novel, I added the other two to my TBR list and will read those very soon.

From Paris With Love this Christmas concentrates on Siena. From the first pages of the book, she is painted as a spoiled, rich brat who ran away from home (France). She meets grampy Jason, her older sister’s tenant who is renting/looking after Laurie’s estate. We have a typical beginning of the story. However chapter after chapter, we are starting to get to know our characters, and their stories are what makes this book so great!

Siena turns out to be pretty realistic with her goals. After her mother cancels all her credit cards and stops her allowance, she lands a door to door sales job, that does not end well. But after her first failure, Siena doesn’t run back to her family. She even does not asks her sister for a financial help. As soon as she is back on her feet, Siena gets another job, as a waitress. To my surprise, she never complains, not once!!

And Jason is also not your typical next door guy as he appears to be at the beginning. “Wall Street” guy turned out to be a pretty good beer brewer. He is successful in business but not in love. His last relationship ended terribly and he is doing his best to avoid that type of situation in the future.

Siena’s sudden unwelcome arrival and wish to stay in England longer than a weekend made Jason furious. But as the book goes on, they learn to live with each other, shared their secrets, built a great and warm friendship and felt in love… right on time for Christmas.

An incredible story of love, trust, friendship, and willpower. An astonishing set of characters that I am looking forward to learning more about in the next two books.


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