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Last Christmas in Paris

Last Christmas in Paris: A Novel of World War ILast Christmas in Paris: A Novel of World War I by Heather Webb

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Paris is always a good idea. Especially at Christmas. – Evie Elliott

In this wonderfully written novel, I traveled back in time to 1914. England, Evie Elliott waives goodbye to her brother, Will Elliott, and their childhood friend, Thomas Archibald Harding, who have joined English army and now heading to France. As soon as the famous duo leaves Elliott’s estate, Evie runs to her brother’s desk and starts a very first letter and in our case a very first chapter of this wonderful book.

First letters are long, bright, happy, full of jokes and hopes that the war will be short lived and will end by Christmas, that they plan to spend in Paris. Little did they know that this horrific war will last four dreadful years.

As years go by, the amount of letters decreases, and so it’s content. Tom’s letters are full of horror stories of war and Evie’s – of encouragement and hopes for a better future. Both Evie and Tom loose close family members during this dreadful time. But life goes on, and so is war. People are looking for ways they can help each other and their army. Besides making new clothes for the soldiers, women are now taking over the jobs that were done by men before the war. Evie becomes village mailman, her friend Alice takes nursing training and goes to France to help their British army. In spare time, Evie starts to write a column for a newspaper that is owned by Tom’s family. During this time Evie also realizes that she has fallen in love with Tom, and Alice encourages Evie to write him a love letter. Evie follows her friend’s advice, but the letter gets lost. It will take long 2.5 years before it will find it’s way to Tom.

This is a wonderful love story that survived the Great War.

“Last Christmas in Paris” deserves more than 5 stars. This marvelous story is told primarily through letters and telegrams, has a splendid set of characters, and a fascinating plot that unfolds very quickly.Screenshot_20171223-005005_1514008228028

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The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the WindowThe Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you’re a big suspense thriller fan – drop everything, turn off your cell phone, get a huge cup of coffee (tea, cocoa, whatever your favorite drink is), find a comfy reading spot and read this book ASAP. I could not put the book down. To me, this book has a lot in common with Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” film from 1954 and another thriller book from 2015 (and a movie) “The Girl on the Train” (I still think the book was so much better). But trust me, you will be glued to the pages of this book.

Anna Fox, ahem excuse me, Dr. Fox has not left her home in 10 months as she is suffering from Agoraphobia, fear of open spaces. Anna fills her life with chess games, online chat with people who share the same phobia, old suspense thriller movies, lots of Merlot and… spying on her neighbors. What else is there to do when you’re locked in Manhattan townhouse that you’re afraid to leave?! Anna knows her neighbors pretty well, by doing research on them online and by simply looking into their windows thru her very expensive camera lens. She is visited once a week by her physician and physical therapist, who she builds a friendship with and her tenant from the downstairs basement apartment. None of the neighbors visit Dr. Fox, none… except for Russells, a new family that recently moved in into the house across the street.

Every day (and night) goes by just like the previous one… and one night Anna hears a scream. She is aware that something is happening at the house across the street. But after phoning the Russells Anna is being told that she has imagined it all. The next night, thru her window Anna sees something even more horrific, a murder. In a panic, she calls 911, and despite her phobia – runs outside to Russell’s house to help her friend… but Anna collapses shortly after she leaves her door, and is being hospitalized. At the hospital, Anna meets a very kind Detective Little, who listens to her, and promises to look into the case. However, after the thorough investigation, Detective Little assures Anna that the incident has never happened, and it was a simple hallucination that was caused by the mixture of multiple medications and wine. “I know what I saw. It isn’t paranoia if it’s really happening…” or is it?

Phenomenal, astonishing and captivating story. This book deserves to be a bestseller.Screenshot_20171223-005254_1514008392167

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Christmas at Conwenna Cove

Christmas at Conwenna Cove (Conwenna Cove, #2)Christmas at Conwenna Cove by Darcie Boleyn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was very happy to come upon this delightful Christmas Book.

An amazing thing happens during this time of the year. Oli’s wife passed away from cancer three years ago, leaving him broken-hearted with two adorable young kids. Oli has thrown himself into work and his kid’s lives, what else young widower can do, right? One day, on his way to a clinic, Oli sees a beautiful redheaded stranger in the coffee shop’s window. However the introduction of the two doesn’t go well, Oli comes off as a grumpy man. Grace was not moved by her first impression of a local veterinarian. But during their second “bump-in” in another cafe, both parties feel the spark. Little do they know that this is a beginning of a beautiful… “friendship”.

Neither Oli nor Grace are looking for anyone special in their lives. Grace’s brother passed away nine years ago from a long time illness and she saw the impact it took on her parents and left her devastated as well. Since then Grace decided to never marry nor have kids on her own. She has a great and sweet relationship with her parents, and when they decided to buy a cottage in Conwenna Cove – Grace supported her parents and helped them move in and settle there. But she never intended to stay in the village, more than that, she never expected to fall in love with Oli and his sweet and kind kids.

Conwenna Cove and Christmas make magic happen in this heartwarming book. Lovely and jolly read. Made me feel happy and warm.

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