A Death Of No Importance

A Death of No Importance: A MysteryA Death of No Importance: A Mystery by Mariah Fredericks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am a huge fan of historical fiction, mystery, and suspense. You have no idea how happy I was to come upon this gem!

This story takes place in 1920s New York City. An elderly employee of Jane Prescott passed away and our charming lady’s maid is on a lookout for a new job. And she lands a great employment with Benchley “new money” family that recently relocated to New York City. Jane is being appointed as a lady’s maid to Benchley’s two young daughters: glamorous and spoiled Charlotte and shy and obedient Louise.

One fine fall morning, Charlotte announces her engagement to a wealthy playboy Norrie Newsome. New York’s society and Benchley family are taken aback by this shocking statement, as everyone expected for young Newsome to propose to his childhood sweetheart. The engagement is set to be officially announced at midnight on Christmas Eve… but Norrie is found dead at the family library minutes before the midnight. Newsome family shocks New York’s society once again. Will this be the last time? Hmmm…

A very handsome and determined reporter, Michael Behan, takes an interest in our charming Jane. He makes a deal, one of his “unprinted” discoveries for one of her stories about Benchley family. While everyone suspects rising anarchists in Norrie’s death, Jane and Michael team up to find the real murderer of the young Newsome. And what a discovery our adamant Ms. Prescott will make!

A sensational page-turner. I hope this is first of many books that include marvelous Jane Prescott.

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