The Missing Child

The Missing Child (Detective Rachel Prince #1)The Missing Child by Alison James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Headstrong, sassy, and determined Rachel Prince is my new favorite detective.

A case of missing six-year-old Lola Jade Harper comes across Rachel’s desk. Upon visiting Michelle Harper, child’s mother, detective and her sidekick sense something odd about her. Michelle does not sound nor act like a greaving mother, and strangely enough, she does not seem to be eager to help detectives locate her missing child. However, Michelle does not waste any time and blames her soon to be ex-husband Gavin Harper in Lola’s abduction.

Rachel starts to work closely with local police office. Every day new details come to detective Prince’s attention. For example, Harper family had a boy before Lola’s birth. The boy lived only four months and was never mentioned, nor there were any remindings of him at the family home. Harper residence has three bedrooms and not two as was described by Michelle. And other very intriguing detail – why are there three kids at Michelle’s sister house, when Lisa has only a boy and a girl?

While Rachel is working her magic on resolving this very deceitful case, the local police department gets a brand new case. A single mother of a boy is smothered inside her home… which locates in the same neighborhood as Lisa’s house. Coincidence? Nothing can get away from detective Rachel Prince sharp eye.

A thrilling and fascinating page-turner. I am looking forward to reading more of Detective Prince books.


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