The Bookworm

The BookwormThe Bookworm by Mitch Silver

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In the past year I build a huge interest in WWII history, therefore when I came upon this book I was very eager to read it.

The main story in the book focuses on the big secret that England pulled during WWII. England/USA have manipulated Hitler to invade the Soviet Union instead of England. The story’s little scheme involves young JFK, Churchill, Noel Coward, and French physician Nostradamus.

In our (present) time, Russin geohistory professor Larissa Mendelova Klimt is hired to find “Hitler’s Bible”. She is provided with six cylinders of recordings that tell her a story of Hitler’s Bible, when and how it was created, and what was its purpose. Chessplayer by nature, Lara puts all her “figures” on the board and finds the missing Bible.

The book is a combination of a political thriller and historical fiction. I love the idea of Hitler’s Bible, I wish the book was more focused on that story instead of adding oil pumping US deal into the storyline.


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