The French Girl

The French GirlThe French Girl by Lexie Elliott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Phenomenal thriller, full of deception and a great story of loyalty and friendship.

Six Oxford university students and friends (well, some more than just friends) Kate, Seb, Lara, Tom, Caro, and Theo go on a short french vacation. During their stay at Theo’s family farm, six friends also shared their pool with a French mademoiselle next book – Severine. However the vacations don’t go as smooth and happy as planned: Kate and Seb break up, Kate has a big fight with Caro over the drugs she smuggled in, Tom and Lara hook up, and Severine goes missing. After their return to England, the group stops discussing the case and their vacation “that summer”.

Now, fast forward ten years later. The group is still relatively close, everyone tries to juggle their career and love life, some succeed and some… not so much. The news about Severine’s cold case being reopened starting to bring all unpleasant memories back from “that summer”. French detective is on his way to the UK to interview the group once again… and the atmosphere between the friends starting to tense. The friendship proves it’s strength during the bad times… and the group is about to discover something much… much worse.

An outstanding page-turner. I enjoyed the book very much and looking forward to reading more of Lexie Elliott’s books.


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