The Abandoned

The Abandoned: a gripping crime thrillerThe Abandoned: a gripping crime thriller by Sharon Thompson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From page one I was lured into the dark world of Peggy Bowden. The book is not even close to what I have expected it to be.

The year is 1950 and we are in Dublin at the doorstep of a house number thirty-four. We are being greeted by Peggy Bowden. Peggy is not your ordinary girl next door, she is more of the opposite. Peggy’s life was never easy. Becoming a mistress of a whorehouse and an abortionist was not her first choice. When she was a teenager, her world came crashing when her father didnt return home from the war. Her mother went mad shortly after and was taken to a mental asylum. She was married off to an abusive farmer, until an unfortunate accident when he broke his neck. After that accident, Peggy moved to Dublin, became a midwife and started to run an illegal baby-selling business. After a while, she was turned into to law enforcement hands and ended up in the prison for five years. Life after prison was even worse, and running a whorehouse and illegal abortion business on the side was all she could do at the time.

A letter in the mailbox informs Peggy of a living (wealthy) family member that would like to reconnect with her. Can this be Peggy’s happy ending? Can she reunite with a long lost relative, gain a family and live happily ever after? Even if a family member turns out to be an Irish mobster?

The rollercoaster of events in this book keeps the reader on their toes.


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