Bad Girl

Bad Girl: A Novel (Hush Money Mystery)Bad Girl: A Novel by T. E. Woods

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What would you do when your significant other’s ex-lover/mother of his child drops by unannounced looking drop dead gorgeous 20 years after the last time he has seen her? And on top of that, her plan is to reclaim her son and former lover.

Sydney Richardson finds herself in a difficult situation. On one hand, she wants to walk away and avoid the love triangle drama, on the other hand – there is something very queer and suspicious about Miranda Greer and curious Sydney wants to learn what it is. Therefore, when Miranda is found dead, business owner Sydney Richardson puts on her “detective” hat and digs dipper into Ms. Greer’s life. In a process, (unofficial) detective Richardson goes undercover into Miranda Greer circle. She does not only clear her lover/friend’s name but brings down the real murderer and shots down illegal transportation operation that has been investigated by FBI.

The novel is the second part of a Hush Money Mystery, and I hope it is not last. A very captivating and thrilling storyline, followed by a remarkable set of characters.


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