One Fine Day

One Fine Day (Hazel Green #1)One Fine Day by Cindy Kirk

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading many mysteries and thrillers I was in a mood for a feel-good love novel. I was very lucky to come across this heartwarming book.

Abigail Fine and Jonah Rollins have been friends since an early childhood. When Abby’s mother passed away, Jahan’s family accepted Abigail as one of their own. Therefore years later, when Johan and his wife went thru many failed options to have a child – Abby offers to be their surrogate. Everything in life comes with a challenge. During the pregnancy, a doctor informs the future parents of child’s possible defects and/or health issue. Jonah’s wife makes a decision to abort the child, but Abby disagrees. As a result, Jonah decides to stand by his wife’s side and her decision, leaving Abby on her own, with a child she didn’t want nor planned to have.

Six dreadful years later, Abby finds herself in a very happy place. She runs an inn in a historic suburb town of Chicago, Hazel Green. It was always her dream to run her own business. And her five eyers old daughter, Eva Grace, is happy, healthy and charming little girl.

Jonah’s unexpected arrival into Hazel Green takes Abby back to the hurtful time six years ago. Jonah determined to make things right this time around. He wants to be a part of his daughter’s life and make amends with Abby. This time is up to Abby to make a decision. Will she find a forgiveness in her heart and press a reset button on her and Jonah’s relationship?

“One Fine Day” is a bittersweet story about friendship, forgiveness, love and second chances.

P.S. This is a first book of the series. I am very excited to read more about wonderful characters of charming town Hazel Green.


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