This Is How It Ends

This is How it EndsThis is How it Ends by Eva Dolan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This Is How it Ends by Eva Dolan is a psychological thriller that will keep you entertained thru the whole book.

Our two main characters are Ella and Molly. The story begins with a murder. And since that point, Ella’s story goes backward, telling us about her past, her history and takes us to the very beginning, an incident that changed Ella’s life forever and turned her into the girl she is today. Molly’s story tells us how the events have proceeded after the murder and how it eventually ended.

Ella, an activist for a lower class community, finds herself face to face with her enemy that has changed her life. In the result, the man is dead on the floor of the apartment building she works so hard to save. Her life came crushing two years ago, that’s when Ella realized that law enforcement is not as safe and luxurious as her father made it seem. But Ella finds another way to help people. Ella’s momentum to rise and become a voice for her community begins when she meets Molly. They work so hard for their cause, but the dead man can ruin it all for her. The only person Ella can turn to is Molly.

Molly has done some unspeakable things in her life, one of which was attacking a cop with a hammer, he survived an attack. But she never killed. The fear in Ella’s eyes convinces Molly to help the poor girl to hide the body. Since that day, Molly tries to convince herself that what she did was a right decision. Then why is her consciousness is troubling her? And why she has a strong feeling that her protege didn’t tell the whole truth?

Ella and Molly’s stories are very captivating. But the best part is the beginning. The author just throws the murder at us in the first chapter. Boom, this is how it begins. I love books with this type of beginning. After the first chapter, I was not able to get enough of this book. However, it slowed down sometime in the middle, closer to the end. And just when I was about to lose my interest – boom, scandalous twist, followed by an unforeseen ending. Bravo Eva Dolan!!!


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3 thoughts on “This Is How It Ends

    • The description on GoodReads doesn’t say that the murder happens at the beginning, however I liked it that way. Because from that point we learnt about the past and the future. I was meh about reading this book, but Im glad i did. The last 50 pages are phenomenal and the ending is so unpredictable.

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