A Mother’s Sacrifice

A Mother’s SacrificeA Mother’s Sacrifice by Gemma Metcalfe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Mother’s Sacrifice by Gemma Metcalfe is a phenomenal psychological thriller. Fantastic characters, remarkable plot with incredible twists. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat while you read this book.

The story beggings on Christmas Day, which also is Louisa’s sixth birthday. After her mother’s death, little Louisa is sent to a children’s home, where years later she meets and falls in love with Aiden. Young love doesn’t last long, it ends with a big sorrow that will hunt Louisa into her adulthood. But life is full of great surprises. First, Louisa meets a charming and loving James, and ten long and difficult years later they welcome a bundle of joy, by the name Cory, into their lives. However days after the birth, Louisa begins to suspect that someone is after her child. James and her friends suspect that Louisa is suffering from a postpartum depression. They can no longer handle Louisa’s obsession and they talk her into getting help. But is it a paranoia if it’s really happening?

An incredible novel, full of mystery, many puzzles and an unpredictable ending.


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