The Teddy Bear Chronicles, Saved in Paris

The Teddy Bear Chronicles (Saved in Paris! #1)The Teddy Bear Chronicles by Donnalyn Vojta

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Teddy Bear Chronicles – Saved in Paris is a unique thriller novel. The stories are being told by three teddy bears, but be prepared – this is not your typical happy bear story. Although the teddy bears have a great sense of humor, the last third of the book turns very dark very fast.

Fair Bear story – The teddy bear lives in a happy home with Mark and Kelly. Well, it seems to be happy and lovely home, but behind the curtains, Mark turns into a controlling and at times abusive person. Kelly plans to leave him, however, his recent threats scare her. A few weeks prior, Kelly finds Mark’s dark secret. She realizes that her life is in danger. Will she be able to escape her abuser on time?

Love Bear story – Richard has a successful career in a pharmaceutical industry, however, he is unlucky in love. He finally decides to go to the city of love to find amour de sa vie. That’s where he meets a fun and amusing American girl who offers to help him in the search for his future Mrs. Will this trip bring Richard closer to his “happily ever after” part?

Sleepy Time Bear story – Ms. V is a lovely young lady that recently took a position of a drama teacher in an orphan home. One sunny day she meets and tall blond stranger, and starts to fall for him. However, our charming Ms. V has a few tiny secrets under her belt. Should she share her secrets with Mr. Right, or should she continue her charades?

This is a very entertaining thriller, perfect for an evening read under a warm blanket with a glass of wine (yes, you will need it!). I was very happy to come upon this gem and can’t wait to read a sequel.


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