Victoria: The Widow and Her Son

Victoria: The Widow and Her SonVictoria: The Widow and Her Son by Hector Bolitho

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I’m very interested in English monarchy history, however, I never had a chance to read more of Queen Victoria. I was very pleased to come upon this book on NetGalley. This is not only my very first book about Queen Victoria, but it’s my first book written by Hector Bolitho. Fantastic writing followed by a fair introduction of two English sovereigns.

The book begins right after the passing of Victoria’s most Dear Angel – Albert. As we already know, Victoria grieved the death of her husband for the rest of her days. The author mentions her heartbreak, however, the main focus of this book is on Victoria’s reign after the passing of Albert and her mentorship of the next King of England.

At the beginning of this book, Victoria is portraited as a grieving widow who lives in the shadow of her departed husband, Albert. But years pass by and Victoria learns to separate her sorrow from running her kingdom. Her relationship with her children improves as they grow older. As one of the longest-lived British monarchs, thru 64 years of her reign, Queen Victoria had built a strong Empire. The United Kingdom not only went thru changes in industrial, cultural, political, scientific, and military fields but also expanded its territory. This book is another proof that Queen Victoria was an incredibly smart and very patient monarch.

Queen Victoria’s successor, Prince Albert Edward, followed his mother’s footsteps. He had no choice but to grown up fast and dedicate his life to the English throne. In this book we learn that he was a people’s prince, he took a great part of improving education, health reforms, and social welfare.

Wonderful book, filled with many details of Queen Victoria and Prince Edward’s personal and political lives. One other part that I loved about the book – it includes parts of Queen Victoria letters. I’ve become fond of Hector Bolitho’s writing and would love to read more of his books in the near future.


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