WhippoorwillWhippoorwill by R.L. Bartram

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Robert Bartram contacted me and asked to read his book, I knew from the description that I would love this story. It’s a fast and captivating read, romance meets revenge.

When Ceci Prejean was a mischievous fourteen years old, she breaks a nose of a young boy, Trent Sinclair. After this incident, her father forces Ceci to give up her boyish behavior and assigns Hecubah to give Ceci etiquette lessons. Four years later, at her coming out ball, Ceci meets Trent again, and this time falls over hills in love with him. Young Sinclaire shares her feelings, and promises to marry Ceci after his training at the military academy is complete. The first half of this book is very funny and entertaining. Hecubah’s witty remarks and her relationship with Ceci makes this part of this book very amusing. But I learned my lesson a few years ago, don’t trust the authors! This is just a calm before the storm.

While I flipped the pages and entered the second half of the book, Ceci is thrown into the horrors of a civil war: loss, anger, revenge. She trades a white wedding gown for a soldier uniform and begins a dangerous path to vengeance. Since that point author takes us on a fast and wild rollercoaster ride, I was flipping the pages so fast, I could not get enough of Ceci’s adventures. And when the time came and she stood face to face with a person who caused all the grief in her life, Ceci… well, that’s for me to know and for you to find out my dear book dragons.

This book is not even close to what I expected it to be. I don’t say it often, but it was hard to say goodbye to the characters, especially to Ceci’s stubbornness and Hecubah’s sassiness. I love the storyline, just when you think everything is ok – something is about to go down. Thank you, Robert Bartram, for this fantastic adventure!


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