HidingHiding by Jenny Morton Potts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Surprising and gripping thriller “Hiding” kept me entertained during the past couple of days.

Jenny Morton Potts takes us thru Keller and Rebecca’s stories. Keller Baye, a smart but angry young man, makes a promise to his father, to get a revenge on the people that changed his life forever. Rebecca Brown is a funny but angry young woman, who was moved to Scottland after the death of her parents. Years later, she learns that all she knew of her life is a lie.

The two people meet during Rebecca’s open mic performance, and their relationship picks up with an incredible speed. But the secret that was hidden for almost two decades is about to reveal itself.

I enjoyed the plot twist of the book. Keller’s character touched my heart. During the read, I kept thinking, if it was not for his father’s fatal mistake and his aunt’s cruelty, would he end up the way he did. Also, the ending of the book left so many unanswered questions. I wonder if this means that the sequel of the book is already in the works.

Thank you, Jenny Morton Potts and Partner’s in Crime Tours for this great book.


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