Death In Paris

Death in ParisDeath in Paris by Emilia Bernhard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading so many detective stories and watching all the detective shows, sometimes I wonder – when the opportunity comes, will I be able to play a cool detective myself. When Rachel Levis got this chance – she used all her knowledge and help of her best friend Magda to resolve the murder of a Parisian financier Edgar Bowen. Well, the fact that Edgar and Rachel had a short love affair many years prior also gave detective Levis additional push to hunt down the cold-hearted murderer.

The story begins one lovely winter morning, during the breakfast, Rachel comes across the article that informs her of the passing of Edgar Bowen. She quickly shares the news with her husband, who simply dismisses it. But Rachel is not a person who gives up easily. She decides to pay respect to her old friend/lover by attending his funeral, where she hears more details regarding the state of the room where Edgar’s body was found. And at last, Rachel makes her debut as a detective, lists of the suspects and starts her own investigation. But what our little detective doesn’t expect is another murder (or two).

The ending of the story was quite unexpected. Emilia Bernhard caught me off guard there. A wonderful novel, perfect descriptions of Paris areas and cafes/restaurants. Fantastic set of characters, and the right amount (you know I always complain when there are too many characters that don’t really play a big part in the story). After reading this book – I will definitely follow Rachel and Magda’s future “cases”. The story is short, easy to read and takes you straight to the point with all gripping details to captivate reader’s attention.


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