Desperate Girls

Desperate GirlsDesperate Girls by Laura Griffin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The description of the book caught my attention, and the story itself didn’t disappoint.

A convicted rapist/murderer escapes from the jail and now on the road for a very bloody revenge. Defense attorney Brynn Holloran is on his list. As US marshals keep counting and collecting new victims, Brynn realizes that she is a danger. However, the case she is working on is also a high priority and demands her full attention. While private Wolfe Security is trying to keep Brynn safe, they also discover the discrepancies with her old case. Unfortunately, newly discovered details are only a theory… until Brynn runs into an old college friend in a hall of the courthouse. One small irrelevant comment from her catches Brynn’s attention, and after a quick look into her old files, Brynn realizes that there are two murders on a loose… and both are very very close to her.

Desperate Girls by Laura Griffin is a gripping thriller/romance novel that keeps the reader glued to its pages. I really enjoyed the story, events moved fast and each chapter had something new to discover. It’s a super quick read. As I understood, this is Wolfe Security first novel, and I am looking forward to reading about their new cases. I loved the characters and would like to see them progress in the future novels. Thank you, Laura Griffin and NetGalley for a wonderful journey thru this remarkable novel.


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