Eagle & Crane

Eagle & CraneEagle & Crane by Suzanne Rindell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eagle and Crane is a very captivating story. It contains everything for a great book plot: ethical rivalry, love triangle, friendship.

I was lured into the story from the first pages. The reader is being introduced to the mystery from the beginning. Honestly, when the story turned to Ava, Harry and Louis I thought – here we go, yet another love triangle novel. Boy, was I wrong!

First of all, I loved the way the author introduced us to each families background. Each story taught the reader something new and explained the character’s further behavior.

Second, the book contains a little story of Pearl Harbor, and most importantly the treatment/evacuation of Japanese immigrants after the attack.

What really touched me was Harry and Louis connection. They became friends at a very young age before they both were introduced to their families conflict. And despite that, as young adults, they pushed thru their families dispute, ethnical differences and one girl they were both in love with and continue to stand by each other’s side.

I love books that surprise me. And this book was one of them. This novel was not at all what I was expecting. Great writing, plot and character development. Thank you GoodReads and Suzanne Rindell for this wonderful book!


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