Goodbye, Paris

Goodbye, ParisGoodbye, Paris by Anstey Harris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goodbye, Paris is a bittersweet love story. I was debating between 3 or 4 stars, but the 4 starts won because of a very not typical ending.

Grace is a music instrument repair/building store owner. Twenty years prior to that she was a promising cellist, but an incident that has happened in college has ended Grace’s cellist career once and for all.

Now, Grace is living a wonderful and happy life. Her business is blooming. She even hires a young student from a local private school, Nadya, to help her around the shop. Grace does not have many friends. But she has a wonderful lover, David, that lives/works in a different city.

One wonderful evening, in Paris, David saves a life of a young woman. An incident is caught on camera and overnight David becomes a worldwide hero… and unfortunately, that’s not the last thing that becomes known to the public.

Goodbye, Paris is not your typical love story. And I really loved the ending. It was simply a perfect way to end the story. Bravo Anstey Harris! This is a super quick read. Perfect for a vacay or just relaxing reading night at home.


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