Effie’s War

Effie's WarEffie’s War by Philip Paris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forbidden love, unprotected war secrets/plans, Nazi undercover spy – this book contains many captivating details and stories that tend to keep the reader’s attention from page one.

In late 1943, the Ross family receives a letter that is instructing them to leave the family farm. Heartbroken, the family continues to collect their harvest, sell the animals and prepares for a move. During this time, Italian POWs are sent to help Ross family with the harvest. The sparks start flying between handsome Toni and youngest daughter of Ross family, Effie. However, their romance is not the only one in the air. Oldest daughter, Ina is also romantically involved with a young British Captain Armstrong that has been staying at the farm.

When Ross family received an eviction notice – the worse fears they had were to abandon their farm and their home. They never expected that one short month can change their lives forever, bringing the death of the loved ones, exile, betrayal, and break their once close and loving family apart.

The novel itself is very entertaining. Funny and mischevious events are quickly turned into shocking and tragic ones. The characters are easy to like. And the ending of the book was simply unpredicted but it certainly leaves the reader with a closure. Phenomenal novel. This is my very first book by Phillip Paris, and it’s definitely not the last. Thank you Phillip Paris, NetGalley and Black & White Publishing for this remarkable novel and adventure.


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