Kiss Me In Paris

Kiss me in ParisKiss me in Paris by Catherine Rider

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I do love romance novels, but I just can’t handle sappy romance books. And when I opened this book I thought, here we go, I’m stuck with a gooey novel. But, luckily, I am a type of person that ALWAYS finishes the book, so I continued to read the story. And boy, what a great decision I’ve made.

The story starts with a young girl, Serena, who plans “Romance Tour” in the city of light and love with her older sister and mom. The purpose of the tour is to refresh the memory and honor her father, who has tragically passed away two years prior. However all Serena’s plans start to crash from the very beginning. ”Kiss me in Paris” is a very delightful and humorous novel that is full of Serena’s 24-hour adventure in Paris that she ends up sharing (and enjoying) with a complete stranger.

I know, I know… eye roll. You have read this type of story before or seen in on TV. However, the moral of the story caught my attention and made me appreciate this lovely novel. Never chase the past. It’s already gone. And it’s ok to move on and create new happy memories, and this does not mean that you stop loving someone just because they are no longer here.

Wonderful writing. I loved writer’s description of Paris in December. Great storyline. This is an easy read, perfect for chilly fall/winter evenings under a warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa or tea.


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