Kiss Her Goodbye

Kiss Her GoodbyeKiss Her Goodbye by Susan Gee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Disturbing and dark phycological thriller, Kiss Her Goodbye by Susan Gee left me a bit horrified.

I am having a hard time to describe Hayley Reynolds. Psychotic, manipulative, and angry teenager? Sure. But isn’t everything we do has a reason behind it? The characters that surround us follow by life events build the person we are today. The worst part that terrifies me about her character is the fact that she has no remorse about what she’s done.

Another main character in the book is DI Beverley Samuels. The new case brings out a memory of another fatal case that she has handled months prior. Hunted by the mistakes she’s done in the past, Beverley lets her guard down.

As much as I like phycological thrillers, this one was hard to read. I definitely need to read a “happy” book after this one. A dark plot, followed by an unforeseen ending. I like Susan Gee’s writing, good captivation storyline. Looking forward to reading more of her books.


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