The Girl They Left Behind

The Girl They Left BehindThe Girl They Left Behind by Roxanne Veletzos

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the past year or so, I’ve developed an insane interest about the time during and after WWII. Isn’t it interesting, that during those dreadful six years, all people wished was for the war to be over? However, no one ever thought of the consequences and how the aftermath of the war will affect their lives.

The story in the book revolves around little Jewish girl, Natalia, who was abandoned on the streets of Bucharest during 1941. The little girl was taken to an orphanage, but only for a short time. As the luck turned her way and she was adopted by a loving young couple. After the family has survived the war, they never expected to be caught behind the iron curtain and under Soviet Union occupation. Natalia’s and her parents’ lives very fast started to take a turn from glamorous to wretched. And family’s love, loyalty, and trust were tested.

As the end of the novel approached, it was hard to say goodbye to the characters. The book is based on a true story, however certain details were changed. Although the novel had a bittersweet ending, this is the kind of the ending that makes the reader wonder how the rest of Natalia’s story developed. I hope the wonderful Roxanne Veletzos will write a sequel.

Thank you NetGalley and Atria Books publisher for a free copy of the novel. And thank you Roxanne Veletzos for sharing your mother’s story. The history of WWII was horrific, but the saddest part is that for people that were trapped behind the iron curtain the ending of the war marked the beginning of horrendous life, that didn’t end until the late 80s and beginning of the 90s. These stories must be shared, to remind (and in some cases to inform) the people of the gruesome past.


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3 thoughts on “The Girl They Left Behind

  1. Very nice review! It’s a great time for you to get super interested in this because it seems like everywhere I look lately there are new fiction novels about the WWII time period. I absolutely love the cover on this one!

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  2. Wonderful review Alina. I also love reading about this time in history. There were so many great stories to come out of the War and the aftermath. It really makes me appreciate my life and the sacrifice of so many even more.


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