Paris Echo

Paris EchoParis Echo by Sebastian Faulks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Surprisingly luring novel “Paris Echo” by Sebastian Faulks. Besides our main characters, I’ve enjoyed the stories of women that were captured inside Paris during German Occupation.

American historian/researcher Hannah and Moroccan teenager and runaway Tariq find themselves in an interesting living situation. The young kid literally crashes at Hannah’s apartment. But as time goes by, they find things they can help and teach each other and eventually become friends.

Both Hannah and Tariq arrived into a city of lights for different reasons. Tariq is searching for the history of his mother that past away when he was at a very young age. During his stay in the city, Tariq comes across a few people, including Hannah, who introduces him to French and Moroccan history. Besides history, Tariq is enjoying the city from a different perspective. Parisian culture, every street corner and metro station seems specifically enchanting to him.

And while Tariq is exploring the city, and stalking a beautiful stranger, Hannah is trying to complete her research she was sent to Paris to do. However, while doing the research of other women’s past, Hannah is trying to escape her own. Will she be able to release herself from betrayal in the same city that broke her spirit in the first place?

“Paris Echo” is a wonderful novel with a phenomenal set of divergent characters. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually enjoyed this book. Thank you, Sebastian Faulks, for an amazing story and NetGalley and Hutchinson publisher for a free copy of this book.


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