The Little Paris Patisserie

The Little Paris Patisserie: A heartwarming and feel good cosy romance - perfect for fans of Bake Off! (Romantic Escapes, Book 3)The Little Paris Patisserie: A heartwarming and feel good cosy romance – perfect for fans of Bake Off! by Julie Caplin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My very first Julie Caplin’s book and I am in love with it! What’s not to love: the most beautiful city in the world, French pastries and a group of wonderful people. Well, throw a grumpy and one-legged boss into a mix and you have a fantastic story.

Ok, let’s start at the beginning. Young Nina has a big crush on her brother’s best friend (who is basically a family at that point). One night, in a splurge of a moment she kisses him, but unfortunately, that part does not go as well as young Nina imagined, and Sebastian leaves for a culinary school the next day. Since that night the two are falling apart for basically ten or more years.

Now, fast forward to present. Sebastian has an unfortunate accident, nasty fall that puts him in a cast for 7 weeks. Oh, pardon me, I should also mention that now a tall dark and handsome Sebastian is a very successful businessman, who invests and builds new restaurants/bistros all over UK and France. The last deal that Seb has made came with a little “bonus”. The old patisserie that he has purchased with the plans to turn it into a bistro has a seven-week patisserie course scheduled. So now Sebastian need an “extra pair of legs” to help him with the course… and his best friend’s little sister comes to the rescue.

Well now, who rescued who is a very big question here. Nina helped a struggling Sebastian to run his seven-week patisserie course. But on the other hand, Nina has received a tremendous opportunity to practice her baking skills in the old patisserie. And in between of all the sweet (literally) madness, Nina and Sebastian restore their friendship… mmmm besides the sugary scent, I smell a little romance in the air…

I am so happy to come across this wonderful novel. And now, I can’t wait to read the previous two books by wonderful Julie Caplin. Thank you NetGalley and HarperImpulse publisher for a free and advanced copy of this novel.


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