Passenger to Frankfurt

Passenger to FrankfurtPassenger to Frankfurt by Agatha Christie

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Agatha Christie is one of my all times favorite writers. Sadly it’s been a while since I read her books, therefore I’ve decided to finish my 2018 year with her novel.

We have quite an intriguing set up. I gorgeous young woman approaches Sir Stafford Nye at the Frankfurt airport. She makes a fascinating proposal and curious Mr. Nye accepts it without asking any further questions. Days later, after returning to London, Stanford tries to track down his mysterious new friend, but before he does that – she makes a sudden appearance.

This novel had great potential, however, I did got lost in youth riot/neo-Nazi/world domination scheme that was surrounding Stafford and his mysterious new friend. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this novel as much as I expected, but it had a few entertaining parts.


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