2019 new releases challenge (30 books)

I was looking thru a few blogs of my fellow bookdragons and noticed that a few are doing 2019 new releases challenges. It seems like a fun idea, and I decided to do the challenge as well and challenging myself to read 30 2019 books that have been and/or will be published in 2019. My progress will be documented here.

  1. Queen Victoria: Twenty four Days That Changed Her Life
  2. The Wartime Sisters
  3. An Anonymous Girl
  4. The Lost Girls Of Paris
  5. Between The Lies
  6. Forgotten Murder
  7. The Family Secret
  8. The Things We Cannot Say
  9. Random Acts Of Kindness
  10. The Forgotten Village
  11. The Perfect Girlfriend
  12. One Summer in Paris
  13. Brilliant Burnout
  14. I Know You
  15. The Secret Child
  16. Lost Roses
  17. Art Lover’s Guide to Paris
  18. Me, Myself & Ideas
  19. The Favorite Daughter
  20. Mistress of the Ritz
  21. Fatal Inheritance
  22. They Called Me Wyatt
  23. The Dream House
  24. The Rumor
  25. One Little Secret
  26. The Escape Room
  27. The Third Mrs. Durst
  28. The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris
  29. The Perfect Wife
  30. All The Flowers In Paris
  31. Date Night
  32. The Russia Trap
  33. Mother Knows Best
  34. Condé Nast: The Man and His Empire
  35. Here To Stay
  36. The Third Daughter
  37. No One’s Home
  38. Barack and Joe: The Making of an Extraordinary Partnership
  39. One Night Gone
  40. The Last Wife
  41. The Secret Santa
  42. The Paris Girl
  43. America Is Immigrants
  44. The Other Daughter
  45. Revolutionary Brothers
  46. Never Have I Ever
  47. The Wives
  48. A Noel Killing