Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect StrangersNine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my second book by Liane Moriarty, and I am hooked. I loved “Madly, Truly, Guilty”, but this book definitely topped the first one. The plot of this novel reminds me of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”, although it has a less tragic end.

As you already know from the synopsis, one fine January, nine perfect strangers (well, not all are strangers) decide to attend a very well known Tranquillum House health resort, that is run by an intriguing and mesmerizing Masha. Masha’s resort is known as the place that can change any attendee’s life forever… silly, I know. Well, so did our nine perfect strangers, however, they have decided to roll with it. And everything was going well, our dear characters were enjoying their time at the resort, feeling relaxed and stress-free… up until, I believe, day six… the day when Masha has lost her marbles and decided to play terrifying games with her guests.

Nine Perfect Strangers is an entertaining, addictive, and fresh thriller. The ending was better and happier than I expected, and the entire read kept me on the edge of my seat. I wished I could read it all in one sitting, especially with the quick chapters and precise writing.


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The Family Secret

The Family Secret (Cat Carlisle, #2)The Family Secret by Terry Lynn Thomas

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was first introduced to Cat Carlisle in Terry Lynn Thomas’ previous book “The Silent Woman” about a year ago. And from the very first pages, I was charmed by her courageous and sassy character.

In “The Family Secret”, Cat leaves London for a quiet village she grew up in. Cat’s friends Annie and Thomas are joining her on the trip. Once in Rivenby, Cat is finding herself in a middle of yet another murder investigation. And this time around the suspect is her childhood friend. Mrs. Carlisle is determined to clear her friend’s name, and while doing so she uncovers even more dangerous secrets that place her and people she cares about in danger.

I was quite disappointed by the story. The suspense element was pretty predictable, and it didn’t capture my attention at all, as it did in the first book. There are also way too many characters to mingle with. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to learning about Cat Carlisle’s next adventure. Thank you, NetGalley and HQ Digital publisher for a free and advanced copy of the book.


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Forgotten Murder

Forgotten MurderForgotten Murder by Dolores Gordon-Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A good old saying states: do not judge a book by its cover… well, I do judge a book by its title, and in this particular case I was pleasantly surprised by the story behind this intriguing name.

Dolores Gordon-Smith and her wonderful detective Jack Haldean take us back to 1926. Young Jenny Langton, a friend of Haldean’s family, approaches Jack with a unique request to dig into a history of a suburban residence. An earlier visit to a large Victorian estate triggers Jenny’s memory. She sees a disturbing vision that leaves her feeling frightened. This story intrigues Jack and he agrees on helping Jenny figure out the reasons behind her unusual recollection.

Every family has its skeletons hidden in the closet. Ready or not, Jenny is about to discover hers with the help of witty and clever Mr. Haldean.

I am extremely excited to discover The Jack Haldean murder mysteries and looking forward to reading all the previous books. Thank you Dolores Gordon-Smith for a wonderful and engaging story and NetGalley together with Severn House Publishers for a free and advanced copy of the book.


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Blind Betrayal

Blind Betrayal (Defenders of Justice #3)Blind Betrayal by Nancy Mehl

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Blind Betrayal is a third book of “Defenders of Justice” series. Character’s history is described very thoroughly in this book, therefore if you didn’t read the previous two books – there is no problem with getting familiar with the characters.

The story begins with three US marshals that escort a reporter to DC to testify in front of the grand jury. Because of the breach in the system, that has a piece of important information released, Casey, Doug and E.J. are now on their own with a mission to deliver their witness into a safe FBI protection.

The book has a good storyline, and that’s the only good part of the book. The novel had a fine beginning, the first chapter was amazing. Shortly afterward the plot became too predictable. Twists were revealed before it was applied in a story.

I received a complimentary copy of Blind Betrayal by Nancy Mehl from Bethany House Publishers.


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Between The Lies

Between the LiesBetween the Lies by Michelle Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I saw this book available on NetGalley – I requested it without reading the synopsis. I have read Michelle Adams’ previous book last year and was amazed by the writing style and most importantly by its plot twists. And I am happy to report that this book did not disappoint me one bit.

Michelle Adams does not waste any time. She throws the reader right in the middle of the action. We meet our main character Chloe during a fatal car accident. Days later she wakes up from a coma with no memory of her previous life. Freaky, I know. However, everyone underestimates our little fighter. As weeks go by, and countless therapy sessions, Chloe starts to suspect that her family is hiding something from her. After multiple unanswered questions, our fearless Chloe takes the matter into her own hands and goes out into an unfamiliar world to find the truth and answers about herself and people that surround her. However, who can she really trust and how can she avoid walking into a well-set trap.

A phenomenal story about survival, and trusting your own intuition. No one knows us better than ourselves. Michelle Adams has outdone herself. I can’t wait for her next book. Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press Pub for a free copy of the book.


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