Random Acts Of Kindness

Random Acts of KindnessRandom Acts of Kindness by Dete Meserve

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I usually give my reading preference to fiction, but I decided that this year I should give non-fiction books another try, and I am very happy to start with “Randon Acts of Kindness”.

This book combines multiple stories from across the US that unites people of different age, ethnicity, and status. And the only factor that unites them is a desire to help others. Each person described in the book has different reasons that pushed them towards their act of kindness. Each story is unique, heartwarming and inspiring.

Every individual act of kindness described in the book reminds the reader that there are good people left in this world who do countless selfless good deeds and motivate us to continue the goodwill.

Thank you NetGalley and Melrose Hill Publisher for a free and advanced copy of this book, and another huge thank you to the authors Dete Meserve and Rachel Grego for sharing these wonderful stories and restoring our faith in humanity.


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