The Secret Child

The Secret Child (DI Amy Winter, #2)The Secret Child by Caroline Mitchell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Looking for a new and intriguing thriller series? Look no further, Caroline Mitchel has a great story to share with you.

DI Amy Winter finds herself in the middle of a cat and mouse game with a ghost. After two kids have gone missing, Amy and her team take an interest in a study that took place in the early 80s. People, who were involved in the study have a big dark secret they are hiding. And on top of that, suddenly they are being targeted by Luka, a child who has died in the fire two decades prior. Has Luka returned from the dead to get revenge? Or is someone simply playing a very cruel game with them?

Decides a case that is escalating with every pacing day, Amy Winter has a personal matter to deal with. Her past is hunting her. Amy is a child of two serial killers, and after being rescued and adopted by a new family, she thought her traumatic secret was all behind her. Unfortunately, her callous mother who has been imprisoned keeps reaching out to her. Will Amy have enough strength to deal with her past and help struggling victim bring a monster to justice?

Good phycological thriller, with many twists and turns that grips reader’s attention. Thank you, NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer publisher for a free and advanced copy of the book.


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I Know You

I Know YouI Know You by Annabel Kantaria

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Someone is always watching. Nowadays, being tirelessly active on social media makes it very easy to become a cyberstalking victim. People often feel flattered to be “popular” person around their cyber “friends” that they do not notice how close the danger has come. And the best example is provided to us in Annabel Kantaria’s new novel “I Know You”.

When Taylor moves with her husband Jack to the suburbs of London from sunny California, her only friends are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. After being mocked by her husband, Taylor decides to join local groups to find new friends. And this is the way she meets her new mates: Anna, Caroline, Sarah, and Simon. As Taylor gets to know each of her new friends, she also finds out their personal secrets. How well do you think you know people you call your friends… and family?

I Know You is a fast read novel that will keep you on your toes. The mystery of the book hits the reader from the very first pages, it grips your attention and does not disappoint, as with every new chapter new details come emerging that glue you to the pages of the book till the very end. And what a tremendous ending it is! Thank you, NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books publisher for an advanced free copy of the book, and Annabel Kantaria for a phenomenal phycological thriller.



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Brilliant Burnout

Brilliant BurnoutBrilliant Burnout by Nisha Jackson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I first saw the title of the book and read the synopsis I thought – here is it, my guide to survival. Unfortunately, this is not quite what I expected it to be.

This book is great in explaining and bringing to the attention reason why we are physically and mentally burned out. It is not one or two specific reasons, it’s a combination of stress, hormone imbalance, incorrect diet and exercise, and simple scheduling. An author takes time to explain each symptom and gives advice on how to deal with it.

After reading the book, I was convinced that the mind and body should be playing together as a team. It’s important to listen and evaluate both, and once it is working together we reach the harmony we all so eager to have.

Good and easy read, many valuable points. Thank you, NetGalley and River Grove Books publisher for a free and advanced copy of the book.


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One Summer in Paris

One Summer in ParisOne Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Opposites attract. And in “One Summer in Paris” the reader will witness the close friendship that will grow between two absolutely different characters.

Audrey and Grace arrive in Paris on the same day. However, their plans for a summer in Paris are completely opposed. Young Audrey, happy to leave alcoholic mother behind her in London, is looking for a new start in life. Although there are a few barriers laying on the way of her plan. Meanwhile, Grace’s original plan for summer in Paris was to spend with her husband of twenty-five years. Unfortunately, David has a different plan for the summer, that includes his twenty-year-old lover. Nevertheless, after arriving in Paris, Grace and Audrey’s paths cross in an unusual way and two characters fall on one another for a support that very fast will grow into an unbreakable bond and friendship.

I loved the setting of the novel, all secondary characters and little twists that were revealed at the end. This is an absolutely sweet and light read and will leave the reader’s heart full of warmth. “One Summer in Paris” not just a typical story of love, although that specific topic is a large part of the book, the novel also includes and discusses serious subjects like alcoholism and dyslexia.

Thank you NetGalley and HQN Books publisher for a free copy of the book and Sarah Morgan for a lovely story.


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