I Know You

I Know YouI Know You by Annabel Kantaria

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Someone is always watching. Nowadays, being tirelessly active on social media makes it very easy to become a cyberstalking victim. People often feel flattered to be “popular” person around their cyber “friends” that they do not notice how close the danger has come. And the best example is provided to us in Annabel Kantaria’s new novel “I Know You”.

When Taylor moves with her husband Jack to the suburbs of London from sunny California, her only friends are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. After being mocked by her husband, Taylor decides to join local groups to find new friends. And this is the way she meets her new mates: Anna, Caroline, Sarah, and Simon. As Taylor gets to know each of her new friends, she also finds out their personal secrets. How well do you think you know people you call your friends… and family?

I Know You is a fast read novel that will keep you on your toes. The mystery of the book hits the reader from the very first pages, it grips your attention and does not disappoint, as with every new chapter new details come emerging that glue you to the pages of the book till the very end. And what a tremendous ending it is! Thank you, NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books publisher for an advanced free copy of the book, and Annabel Kantaria for a phenomenal phycological thriller.



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