The Favorite Daughter

The Favorite DaughterThe Favorite Daughter by Kaira Rouda

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Favorite Daughter is, without a doubt, a tense and entertaining psychological thriller that was extremely enjoyable and hard for me to put down! It is definitely going into my favorite reads shelf!

Jane Harris has a perfect life, perfect house, perfect family. Everything has changed a year ago when her daughter Mary had a tragic accident that took her life. After a long year of grieving, Jane feels as she has been awoken from a terrible dream, just on time to realize that besides Mary she has also lost her remaining family. And while on a mission to reclaim her perfect life back, Jane learns a chain of secrets that led to her perfect family to fall apart. And there is no perfect time like the present to get revenge.

Welcome to the dark, chilling and vicious world of Jane Harris.

This book has so much to recommend itself… for me, the hook was the unreliable narrator. I love books where the reader is constantly on edge because we aren’t sure if the narrator is lying or not and with this book the authors executed it flawlessly! The plot itself was cleaver and there were so many twists that had me on edge throughout the novel. When I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. Thank you NetGalley and Graydon House publishing for an advanced copy of the book.


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