Rome in Love

Rome in LoveRome in Love by Anita Hughes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Rome in Love” is sweet, mesmerizing, and unequivocally unputdownable!

It is predominantly set in the idyllic city of Rome and takes us into the lives of the rich and glamorous and reminds us that not everything is always as it seems. The novel is wrapped around three characters, each having a secret they all try to hide. New Hollywood star Amelia who introduces herself as a hotel maid. European princess Sophie, who takes a break from her duties and explores Rome as an ordinary tourist. And finally, Phillip, a struggling journalist who goes undercover to reveal a story of the year, that will line his newspaper in the same order with major high ranks publications in Italy.

Audrey Hepburn makes a fabulous entrance into the novel as well. Multiple letters of the famous actress are discovered in the suite of the hotel she lived in while filming her infamous movie “Roman Holiday”. Audrey’s letters were so impeccably well written and match her character and personality so exceedingly well that I could hear actress’ voice while reading the letters.

Anita Hudges books always entertain me, and transport me to another time and place and immerse me so thoroughly into the feelings, lives, and stories of her characters that I never want to leave and this novel is no exception.


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