The Dream House

The Dream HouseThe Dream House by Jess Ryder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Dream House (originally titled The Guest) is a phycological thriller with a dual timeline. The story is about domestic violence and what effect it takes on young kids who are exposed to it at an early age.

The author introduces us to two different characters: Kay and Stella.

Kay’s life took a drastic change the moment she met Foxy. Dreams of her own little family have finally come true. However, as months went by, behind the closed doors, Kay’s life became a living nightmare. From a charming young man that Kay met just a year earlier, Foxy became controlling and verbally and physically abusive. And worse of all… Kay starts to see the change in her daughter, who starts to adopt her stepfather’s behavior.

Stella’s life also had a drastic change. After the accidental death of her parents, she quit the job she once loved, moved to London suburbs and bought an old Westhill House. From the moment she laid her eyes on it, Stella knew this house is peculiar. Old houses tend to have ghosts attached to them, and Stella is about to meet some of them.

The Dream House is a fantastic, fast-paced story. I highly recommend this standalone for anyone that loves a suspenseful, psychological thriller. Thank you, NetGalley and Jess Ryder for this great read.


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