The Apartment

The ApartmentThe Apartment by K. L. Slater

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Words of wisdom say: opportunity only knocks once and then it becomes your choice to open the door or ignore it.

Freya and Dr. Marsden paths cross at a local cafe, and since the meeting, all-stars start to align up for the new widow and her daughter Skye. Beautiful and extremely affordable apartment in a gorgeous victorian Adder House in a center part of London. Moving costs covered. Arrangements for Skye’s school are set. The two Miller girls are showered with expensive gifts and attention. Seem too good to be true? That’s because it is.

Since the move, the suspicious feeling does not leave Freya’s mind. As days go by, she starts to notice strange things – weird noises, objects moved, furniture shifted, odd visions. Adder House is not at all what she imagined it would be, behind its closed doors hide many dark secrets, and Freya’s time is running out.

I must say I was quite surprised by the plot. The novel contains not many but a few very good twists, which makes the read very entertaining. Many thanks to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer publishing house for a free and advanced copy of the novel.


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