Sisters of War

Sisters of War by Lana Kortchik

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Phenomenal read, that shades lite of WWII in the western part of Europe. Sisters Of War illustrates the bonds of family, their sacrifices, resiliency, loyalty, and bravery.

From the very first days of Kyiv occupation by Germans, Natasha and her family, just like the majority of citizens of Kyiv lived in fear. Their men were collected, followed by food, warm clothes, valuables, germans went as far as to occupy not only kyivlyan’s city, but their homes, and their lives.

Natasha’s family lived with the hope that any day the Red Army will come to their rescue. Days went by, weeks, months… Their lives became more and more unbearable. One by one, their friends and family were arrested or simply collected by german officers and send to german prisons, Germany’s factories, and even worse… concentration camps. But no matter how aggressive german behavior became, Natasha’s big heart could not stop doing good, saving lives and giving her last to help people in need. During those first horrendous days, Natasha found herself in arms of danger. But God was looking upon her and sent a goodhearted fellow to save Natasha and her grandmother’s lives. Unfortunately, her hero was her nation’s enemy.

As months have passed, the war has not only destroyed Natasha’s beloved city, it tore her family apart, and broke her loving heart.

I truly enjoyed this story. It is one of the best WWII stories I’ve come across this year, and I just couldn’t put this book down. I adore it and I can’t recommend it enough!

My thanks to HQ Digital Publisher for an advance copy of this book.

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