Stay Home

Stay Home by Ava Pierce

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Stay Home – Stay Safe”, is a phrase that applies to Caitlin in many different ways. As a consequence of the broken rule, Caitlin pays an unusual price. Well… technically not Caitlin herself, but her year-long lover. After finding Daniel in a pool of his own blood, Caitlin is drawn even more to the scene of the crime

While in the world’s biggest and longest lockdown, Daniel’s neighbor Ali finds herself in a bit of a pickle herself when she accidentally stumbles into his cold body. Shocked by such a horrifying find, for the first time in months Ali no longer finds comfort on the bottom of a wine bottle. Instead, driven by curiosity, she decides to play a detective and digs a bit farther than needed into Daniels cyber life.

And that’s how Caitlins and Ali’s roads cross. But Caitlin’s nightmare is far from over. Secrets, like skeletons in a closet, start to come to open one by one. She keeps wondering if she would have stayed home on that one fatal day – would she have been safe now?

Such a fun and entertaining read. I absolutely loved the short list of the characters and their involvements in the story. And the storyline itself kept on moving tremendously fast which made me flip the pages of the book with rapid speed. Thank you, NetGalley and Hodder & Stoughton publisher for an advanced copy of this wonderful novel.

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